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Your Bijoux Box Review + Exclusive Discount

Your Bijoux Box jewelry box

Your Bijoux Box is a monthly jewelry subscription box for women. With every box, you get 3 pieces of jewelry and a fun bonus lifestyle item picked by Your Bijoux Box stylists. This is not a customized box – everyone gets the same pieces (you can request no earrings, though and there is the option to choose your metal).

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The first piece is this matte gold sun disc necklace with a cute sparkly crystal charm and a really beautiful chain. I love the texture on the sun disc and it actually looks similar to a seashell which I love! It's one of those classic, elegant pieces that I enjoy wearing and since it is from the same company as the necklace I received in April, I'm sure it's a quality piece that will hold up well to a lot of wear like the other one has! At its shortest length, it is about 17.5 inches and it has a 2-inch extender with the cutest little gold star at the end.

Semi-Precious Summer Stack

Your Bijoux Box Semi Precious Summer Stack

There were a few different colored stacks that subscribers could have received this month. I received my first pick (yay!) of the turquoise but the other choices, jadeite and howlite, are just as gorgeous! There are four bracelets with two different blue bracelets and two gold.

Our blue bracelets consist of one with large round turquoise marbled beads alternating with smaller gold beads. The second blue is a really pretty shade with some multi-faceted beads that sparkle when the light hits them.

Here they are on. Each are definitely wearble on their own!

Our gold bracelets consist of a shiny gold beaded bracelet with rounded-edge square beads and a lighter-weight metal square chain bracelet that is adjustable.

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Here they are on. I really love the chain bracelet for something fun and a little different!

Here they are stacked a few different ways. They all work so well together! I haven't seen many gold and turquoise combinations in jewelry, but I think it's gorgeous!

Cowrie Shell Earrings

Your Bijoux Box Cowrie Shell Earrings

How fun and adorable are these little cowrie shell earrings? They are incredibly unique and very beachy, but if you want to keep it simple, you can simply remove the cowrie shell and have a basic gold hoop.

Here they are on with the shells and without!

While we have varying shades of gold here this month, I think these can all still work together for a cute, beachy vibe!

Beach Perfume Roller by Wicked Good Perfume Co. – Retail Value $15.95

Your Bijoux Box Charlotte Sun Disc

You all should already know that my love for Wicked Good Perfume Co. runs deep if you've read my Wicked Good reviews, so of course, I was excited to see this roller as this month's gift! Their clean, hand-crafted fragrances are so good and this one is a blend of jasmine, sea salt, and mandarin that smells fresh and while I was first hit with the jasmine, the finish is all juicy citrus. I love that they included a cute Bijoux Box style label for us, too!

About Your Bijoux Box

Your Bijoux Box

I really loved the beachy feel to this month's Your Bijoux Box! I love a box full of gold and this month's necklace was so pretty and while it was mostly classic, it was still interesting enough to make a great accent piece! The bracelet stack is gorgeous, casual, and beachy while the cowrie earrings are fun and unique, and I thought the perfume roller was a great gift to round out this box.

Your Bijoux Box jewelry subscription box

I kind of love everything about this box this month! I only have the listed value for the necklace and the retail value of the perfume roller, but that total comes to $78.95 and doesn't include the earrings or bracelet stack, so I am pretty confident that this box was valued at much more than the $39.99 (with free shipping) cost!