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Yogi Surprise Review + Exclusive Discount

Yogi Surprise Subscription Box

Yogi Surprise, in addition to its regular monthly lifestyle box, has a jewelry only subscription box. Every month you’ll get handmade yoga-inspired jewelry pieces and 1 other item. This month’s theme is Saucha, the first of five niyamas (personal observances) that covers purity, cleanliness and clearness.

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This month’s offerings include a Meditation Trio that was different for every subscribers. On the other side of the card, we have a mantra that we can repeat throughout the month. The Meditation Trio was nicely packed in an organza bag.

Yogi Surprise Crazy Lace Agate and Lava Mala

Crazy Lace Agate and Lava Mala. This is the Mala that was in the April 2018 jewelry box. It’s a lovely grounding mala with the earthy stones and the lava beads that can be used as a natural essential oil diffuser.

Yogi Surprise Chakra Talisman

Chakra Talisman. This talisman was created with the spectrum of color throughout Autumn to invite both rootedness and understanding. This pendant was part of the September 2019 Yogi Surprise box. This pendant was created to help center and guide your spiritual and emotional practice.

Yogi Surprise Anjali Gratitude Bracelet

Anjali Gratitude Bracelet. The third item in the trio is this lovely rose gold thin and delicate bracelet. This was an item in the November 2018 box. The word GRATITUDE is etched and painted on it.

Yogi Surprise Saucha Crystal

Saucha Crystal. I don’t know if every subscribers received the same crystal as the information card doesn’t specify a specific crystal, only that it is a crystal to be used as a powerful talisman in our meditation. I received a heart shaped Rose Quartz, which was quite fitting being the month of February and Rose Quartz being a crystal strongly associated with love and self-love.

Kind Bar Simple Crunch

Kind Bar Simple Crunch – Oats & Honey. This Gluten-Free bar contains only 7 ingredients : oats, cane sugar, canola oil, honey, tapioca syrup, sea salt and cinnamon. It’s quite tasty, but a bit too sweet for my taste.

This box felt odd to me. Seeing that the Meditation Trio were items from past boxes, which would be fine for newer subscribers, but a bummer for long time ones. Even though we can always gift them, I felt it was a way to get rid of leftovers, even though they are nice items. My feelings could be different from others, so I wonder what people think about getting old items in their box.

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About Yogi Surprise

Yogi Surprise box

Yogi Surprise is a yoga-inspired monthly subscription box designed to complement your way of living. Each monthly box contains 6-8 products picked by experienced yogis to complement your yoga practice and your life! It’s like getting a care package every month! I’m always super excited to see this lovely purple package in my mailbox, it’s both zen and happy looking!