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Winc Review + Exclusive Discount

What is Winc?

Winc is a monthly wine subscription box. You can get 4 bottles of wine for ranging from $52-$59. Shipping is free as long as you're getting at least $50 worth of wine. There is no membership fee.

Once you're a member, you can also order wines by the bottle in addition to your subscription and when you order 12 or more bottles you get 10% off!

Winc has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you don't have to pay for a wine you don't like!

12 winc wine bottles in cardboard packaging being delivered.

Box Winc

How Winc Works:

When you're ready to try Winc, you'll take a super short quiz about your palate/flavors that you like.

Once you've completed your quiz, you'll be able to select your wine (2 red, 2 white, all white, all red, etc)

Winc will select the wines they thing you'll enjoy – or you can go ahead and adjust to add bottles you want to try.

Each month, Winc will ship you a box of 4 wines ranging from $52-59. Shipping is always included. No membership fees ever!

When you use this link you'll get $22 off your first order (so basically 2 bottles of wine for free!)

How much does Winc cost?

The cost of Winc ranges from $52-59 every month. Winc will select 4 different wines for you, but you can always adjust and add more bottles or different bottles to your order.

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$10 off your first box
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If you like Winc's wines (which we really do!) you can order separately or in addition to your monthly subscription. You get 10% off when you order 12 or more bottles. This is great for gifts/the holiday season!

Winc's Summer Water Rose

Is Winc a good deal?

We think it is! You're getting god quality wine, at a really reasonable price. It's also being delivered right to your door so it takes away you having to run to a liquor store and trying to figure out what to buy!

What we like about Winc:

Good quality wine – The wine is really delicious. I honestly was not expecting it to be as good as it is! I'm pretty picky when it comes to wines, but Tyler + I have both really loved all of the ones we have tried. So far my favorite is the Funk Zone + Tyler loves the Chop Shop.

Wine at Winc

Affordable – The wine is super reasonably priced. We spend around $15-$20 on a bottle of wine at our local liquor store, so these are right in our price range. They also have some fancier/pricier wines on their site if you're into that!

Easy – You guys know I'm all about convenience love having things delivered to me (uhm hello, ButcherBox & Daily Harvest!). I always feel like I know nothing when I walk into our local wine shop and get sold on something I don't always love. I like that I don't have to go anywhere and Winc does the shopping for me!

Pretty packaging – The bottles are really beautiful! They make great gifts.

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Cons of Winc:

Winc Lemon Wine

Honestly, we really don't have any cons with Winc. We really love it! However, the only things I could think of are:

The subscription model – We easily drink/use 4 bottles of wine whether through hosting, cooking or just kicking back and relaxing on the weekends. However, you might not need or use 4 bottles of wine per month. (Although you can cancel or skip a delivery at any time.)

Delivery – Someone needs to be present for delivery and Winc can't deliver in all states. You can check by your zip code here. I've also found that most delivery services will leave packages if you leave a note on the door so it shouldn't be a problem!

About Winc


Is Winc worth it?

We think Winc is totally worth it! Winc takes out the guessing in picking out good wine, and they take out the time you'd spend going to/hunting for the best bottle at the liquor store.

The wine is delicious, it's affordable, and it's fun! Who wouldn't want to test out new yummy wine every month?!

If you want to try Winc you can get $22 off your first box when you click here!

Winc Box

Is it easy to cancel Winc?

Yes! I really don't think you're going to want to cancel, but it's super easy to cancel if you need to! You can do it right online in your account or call to cancel.