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Wickbox Review + Exclusive Discount

Box from Wickbox

I recently found Wickbox. As soon as I saw it I knew exactly what I was getting myself into, the most amazing subscription EVER! Wickbox sends you luxury candles each month and the best part is you can sign up for a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month subscription and actually affordable! Once I got the news that Wickbox launched I was giddy to say the least. I had no idea that the adorable pink box in my mail box was going to make me so darn happy hehe.


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Not only is this subscription fabulous for me! A work at home mom that needs luxury things to look forward to like pretty pink boxes and relaxing aromas once the kids go to bed to enjoy with a glass of wine that was a breath full hehe. But its also the perfect gift, especially since its packed so beautifully. I've got one ready to send out to my mother and bestie in Canada, yes they ship outside of the U.S. too!

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Wickbox Scented Candles

The candle comes in an awesome dust bag. I got a medium candle and could smell one of my all time favorite smells through the box! PEONY! I am an old lady at heart sometimes. I adore just about everything vintage floral, garden scents, and a secret love for Billie Holiday.

I have had many monthly gift box subscriptions in the past and some just didn't live up to what I thought it would be. I would get one great box and then the next 3 months were complete duds. So now I only have a few that I absolutely adore and cannot say enough amazing things about. However there was always one thing missing there are the sample boxes, clothing boxes, jewelry boxes, beauty boxes, and even food boxes! But nothing for making my house smell incredible.

Wickbox Simply Candles

Back on track here so with the subscription boxes one thing was missing a candle box! Could you imagine a subscription box that delivered wonderful candles to you each month because it takes about a month or two before I need a new one anyways so it would be genius! Now think about this, some of the best candles are a little pricey just to name one of my ultimate fav brand of luxury candle is Diptyque. The more expensive ones last longer and smell truly incredible. With inexpensive candles sometime after 30 min or so burning you can smell the soot. Those types of candles literally smell better when they aren't lit.

About Wickbox

Wickbox White Candle

Wickbox was founded in 2015 by Scarlett Sturgis. Scarlett combined her lifelong love for candles and home decor with her entrepreneurial spirit, she created Wickbox. Wickbox aimed to be the first luxury candle store with a subscription. Wickbox is selling scented candles online the help their customers complete their scent profile and then handpicking the candles to match the profile.


Wickbox's customers will receive a large or medium luxury candle that is curated to match its customers' unique scent preferences each & every month. The typical burn time of a large candle is 60 to 100 hours and the typical burn time of a medium candle is 30 to 60 hours. Every box of Wickbox's item includes a dust bag to protect the candle.

Wickbox Candle Scissors

Nowadays, people use aromatherapy to relax and help to reduce stress from the modern lifestyle's pressure. A luxurious aromatherapy candle is one of the possible options out there to fulfill this need. Nowadays, there are a lot of similar aromatherapy products out there and it can be difficult to find one that has a high standard. If you're looking for an option, you can try visiting Wickbox first. Kindly read an honest review of Wickbox first here before visiting their website.