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Walt Life Review + Exclusive Discount

Walt Life Disney Box

Walt Life is a monthly Disney-themed subscription box filled with delightful gifts. Monthly mystery subscription boxes are perfect for all Disney fans. What's the most fun about this box? The thrill of "what's next."

They acquire merchandise straight from the Disney Parks, Disney Store, Disney Resorts, Disney Springs, and more!


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Walt Life Subscription Boxes

Walt Life was started by a family of Disney lovers. If you're a huge Disney fan, you know how much we love Disney souvenirs. Know that your Disney surprises are in good hands.

Walt Life Monthly Subscription Box

The folks at Walt Life are very passionate about Disney. It's been the backdrop to a bunch of their important and emotional events.

You can find all types of fun things in these subscriptions boxes. Such as mugs, t-shirts, pins, tumblers, keychains, houseware and more.

Sometimes, the box will be themed to the holiday season.

Walt Life Levels

Classic Box - $30

Walt Life Magic Box
  • 3+ Disney Mystery Items
  • Skip a Month Feature
  • Free USA Shipping

Magic Box - $39

  • 4+ Disney Mystery Items
  • Customize Your Box
  • Skip a Month Feature
  • Disney Giveaway Entry
  • Free USA Shipping

Surprise! Box - $48

  • Planning a surprise trip to Disney? The "Surprise! Box" is the perfect way to make your Disney vacation annoucement!
  • Free USA Shipping
Walt Life Magic Plus Box

Magic Plus Box - $49

  • 5+ Disney Mystery Items
  • Customize Your Box
  • Skip a Month Feature
  • Disney Giveaway Entry
  • Free USA Shipping

Kingdom Box - $79

  • 6+ Disney Mystery Items
  • Customize Your Box
  • Skip a Month Feature
  • Disney Giveaway Entry
  • Free USA Shipping


Free Shipping

Free USA Shipping at Walt Life.
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Is it worth it?

If you want $20 worth of Disney items every month, then yes! You definitely get your money's worth with this box.

The Bottom Line

Walt Life Box Review

All in all the gifts were good. We definitely received more than $30 worth of product. Not sure how they do it. Also, the listing says 3 items. We got 5 and a bonus little puzzle.

It's the perfect subscription box for any Disney fan. You can subscribe for yourself or as a gift. Do you have a loved one that would like this?

We think this box is really worth it as a family.

Is the Walt Life Subscription Box Budget-Friendly?

Walt Life Disney Box

Overall, I think this is a great way for a Disney fan to get their Disney itch fixed especially if you are not close to the parks. The boxes with Disney Parks items are the best value because unless you live next to a Disney Parks Outlet Store you are paying full price for those items.

Let's break down my box. The current Walt Life Price for our box is $48 and includes the shipping.

  • Mickey Mouse Adult Hat $12.34 (Amazon price)
  • Lion Guard Colored Pencils $1.99
  • 2 Disney Art Postcards – $4.95 ea.
  • Disney Trading Pin- Minnie Mouse Emoji pin – To get an authentic trading pin it costs between $3-$4 online plus shipping
  • Disney Parks Item - 2019 Wine & Dine Disney Pin 5K - $20
  • Disney Beauty & The Beast Adult Coloring Book $14.33 (Amazon Price) plus shipping unless you have Prime
Walt Life 2019 Wine & Dine Disney Pin 5K

The items themselves come to $56.61. The value is in the free shipping and the Disney Parks items.To get Disney Parks items you usually have to hire a personal shopper, that can be pricey. This is a much better solution.

We also see value in the budgeting aspect of a subscription box. You can put a limit on your Disney spending. The Walt Life Subscription box puts a limit on you and helps you set a budget. If there is a month where you can't afford it, then you skip that month. If you need to stop for awhile then you can cancel and there is no penalty. This is a risk-free way to grow your Disney collection!

Walt Life Box Merchandise

You are also getting value in that someone else put the box together. You are surprised. We had such fun opening the box and seeing what wer in store for us. You can't even put a price on that!

We do not think the boxes that don't include a Disney Parks item are a great bargain since they are general items you can buy almost anywhere. If you are a bargain shopper then you can probably find those items cheaper elsewhere.