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Think Outside Boxes Review + Exclusive Discount

Think Outside Boxes Overview

Think Outside Subscription Boxes Review

THiNK OUTSiDE BOXES is a monthly subscription for children ages 7 up that promotes exploration and survival in the great outdoors, along with the whole family. The box costs $39.95 per month + free shipping within the USA. Each month, they will send out a themed box that includes outdoor gear, water-resistant resource cards, a 16+ page educational & activity booklet, as well as an outdoor challenge to do as a family. Your first box will also include a lightweight packable daypack, and you can choose what color you like!


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The box aims to gear and help the kids to grow more confident in exploring the great outdoors!


THiNK OUTSIDE BOXES (billed as The Young Outdoor Adventurers Box) is a monthly subscription service suitable for kids aged 7+. Each month a new themed box arrives, with items, activities, and lessons to encourage kids to get off the couch, away from the screen, and to get outdoors exploring nature.

Think Outside Navigation Box

Sadly, recent research has shown screen time for kids increasing, with a corresponding decrease in time spent outdoors. At the same time, a recent Danish study found that children who spend more time outdoors are happier. Reason enough for parents and kids to head outside!

Each THiNK OUTSiDE box contains useful gear suitable for kids' to work with. The activities provided are fun, educational, and a good way to encourage families outdoors.

We like these boxes because they suit families living in a wide range of environments. Families living in cities, suburbs, country or elsewhere can use THiNK OUTSIDE BOXES to enjoy hikes in a park, build confidence in an outdoor environment, or learn a new skill.


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What We Got in our Think Outside Boxes Initiation Box

Regardless of when during the year you start your subscription box, the first box you'll receive is what's known as the Initiation Box. Although the contents may vary, our outdoor gear included:

Think Outside Boxes Gear
  • Backpack in our choice of blue, orange or magenta (we got two boxes, one orange and one magenta knapsack)
  • Personal information card and case
  • Paracord and ring
  • Heat-activated colour-changing pencil
  • Challenge card
  • "Take a Hike" 20-page activity guide book including an explanation of this month's gear
  • Morse Code Postcard

How to Use THiNK OUTSiDE BOXES as a Family

These boxes offer families so many ways to get kids interested in hands-on, outdoor activities. Start with the challenge card.

Each month, you'll find a card in your box labeled "I challenge you." Families with younger kids may prefer to use these cards to complete a challenge together. Older kids might want to compete against their parents (or grandparent) to see who can complete the challenge first.

Think Outside Nature Box

The guide book in each box offers additional activities to complete together. For example, the 'Take a Hike' guide in the Initiation box includes several steps for families to follow to prep their packs for outdoor activity. Read up on geocaching, download a geocaching app, then complete the family challenge suggested in the middle of the guide.

Or study the Morse Code postcard together. Then write a message in Morse Code using sticks and pebbles for your family members to decipher. We love doing arts and crafts, and the girls' loved making keychains with the paracord and ring (directions in the Guide Book).

Living in a city or suburb? Pack your pack and hit the trails in your closest park. Talk to your kids about preparing for adventures, hiking and trail etiquette, how to avoid littering, the importance of carrying water, sunscreen, a First Aid Kit, and healthy snacks – even if you're getting outdoors within the city limits.

Get Your Own Kids Subscription Box

Think Outside Boxes Pricing

THiNK OUTSiDE BOXES arrive each month but always start with the intro box. You can choose the color of your backpack and set up your subscription on their site. The box costs $39.95 per month + free shipping within the U.S.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of things that we can learn from the outside, and this box is definitely prepping us all, kids or even adults! This Shelter Box teaches the importance of knowing your priorities during emergencies or survival, which is to make a shelter. Not all places have good network coverage so it’s important to know that making a shelter is the first priority, as it will keep you warm and protected from all the elements. Your kids will appreciate the activities and tools, and you will love watching them have fun outside! We love this subscription and are excited about the new one!

Think Outside Shelter Box Review

Think Outside Shelter Box Review

The box aims to gear and help the kids to grow more confident in exploring the great outdoors!

We love that pun! We’re all hyped up upon first glance at the box contents!

There’s a booklet that serves as a guide for the box, its contents, and the program/activities.

It includes a feature about Rocky Mountain National Park, which is a national park located at the northwest of Denver International Airport in north-central Colorado, within the front range of the Rocky mountains.

It also lists all the box’s contents with a brief explanation about each item.


The flashlight is compact. The kids can easily stash it inside a pocket of their day pack!

Think Outside Boxes Flashlight

It may be small but it has a 20-lumen output with a beam range of a whopping 59 feet! That’s really amazing!

There are also articles about survival priorities which is to build a shelter, make a fire, find water, and look for food… That is if you don’t have a cellphone. But if you have a cellphone and service, you can call for help first and stay warm!

2 Person Emergency Shelter

Speaking of shelter, the box also included a shelter for two that we can try to build!

Think Outside Boxes 2 Person Emergency Shelter

The emergency shelter is portable and lightweight. It’s made of reflective material that helps conserve body heat.

You just need to unfold it and find posts or trees where you can tie it up and make it stand. It can fit two people.

Wire Saw

A wire saw is a really important tool that you can use during camping trips or hikes.

Think Outside Boxes Wire Saw

This wire saw is lightweight because it is single-strand saw that coils up for easy storage.

The saw cuts easily on wood, plastic, and rubber.

It also comes with finger loops that make cutting easier and secures grip.

Resource Cards

The resource card we got for this month is the Shelter Building card.

Think Outside Boxes Resource Cards

This card provides how-to instructions for building a variety of shelters.

Each card thoroughly explains the topics, making them easier to understand even for kids.

Backpacking Shovel

Think Outside Boxes Backpacking Shovel

Of course, we can’t dig holes without the help of a shovel. Glad they included one in this box. It’s made of durable plastic.

The shovel has beveled edges that can cut through hard ground, making it easier for the kids to make holes.