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Splash Wines Review + Exclusive Discount

Splash Wines Club Review

Splash Wines Club is an innovative new wine club, is a wine selection curated by a family that knows the ins and outs of the wine industry. They have been rated as one of the best wine clubs (riect to consumer) and continue to get excellent reviews from wine drinkers on a frequent basis, so we figured that we had to check their high quality wines out.

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One of the best things about Splash Wines is that they offer a unique wine subscription that allows you to choose from a wide range of high-quality wines for each of your subscription boxes. The club company is based in Eagle, Idaho where they spent the past fifteen plus years taking the online wine world by storm. They bring together red, white, rose, and sparkling wines of high quality from around the globe.

Splash Wines Curated Case

When you are a member of the month wine club like Splash Wines you are able to get wines from around the world. The company brings together a nice selection of wines that include: classic vintages, obscure choices, and new options that are innovative. The company spends time curating relationships with the winemakers so that all wine drinkers can always be sure to find the best wines on their platform. They never simply add new wines to the catalogue. Instead, they offer high-quality wines that have been tested and selected for you to pick from.

Splash Wines was incorporated in 2014. Their most popular offer is a simple six bottles of wine that come to your house for a delivery fee of $59 each month. However, you can save some money on your first case with a discount code. This will make your first delivery just $39.

Now, if monthly is too often for you, you can choose to get your wine every other month or even quarterly. There are a few options, like if you want whites, reds, or a mixed case. There are a couple of upgrades that will offer you more premium wines. You can do a Vineyard option for $10 more per order or a Cellar option that is available for only reds for an additional $20 per order. You can pay each month or yearly.

What We Like

One of the things that we really like about Splash Wines is that you can cancel at any time. There are options to renew your account monthly or annually. However, you can also change your options, cancel the subscription, or skip an order anytime that you would like to.

Another thing that we really liked about Splash Wines is how quickly they ship. They actually ship your order to you between one and two days from when you place it. The shipment comes to you between one and five days after it has been shipped.

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We really liked the wine tasting notes and the information that we sent with the subscription each month. This means that you are able to drink with the information that is needed to become your own wine expert of sorts. The best thing is that we loved all of the wines that we received. We were able to learn about new wines that we had not heard of and we were surprised with some of the picks that were offered as they were not wines that we would have chosen for ourselves.

Benefits of Membership

There are many different membership benefits to take advantage of when you are a Splash Wines customer. They include:

Splash Wines Club Benefits
  • There are cards, gift bags, and special gift packs that are exclusive to the company. These are all available to be purchased only by the current members.
  • Splash Wines offers discounts (Splash wines coupon) on wine purchases.
  • There are wine store membership rewards that you can get with the Splash Cash and Splash Vouchers.
  • There are exclusive membership-level options for special wines that you cannot get elsewhere.
  • There are special rewards for making purchases, each year on your birthday, and for referring friends.

What's the Verdict?

We loved that Splash Wines allows for you to choose from a vast array of different wines that have been handpicked and curated from the wine experts that are employed at Splash Wines. There are many options for memberships that are flexible and you can choose from options that are as short as one month or as long as a lifetime option. The prices are very reasonable and there are discounts that you will find for additional purchases when you are a member. Plus, you get to save up points for purchases that lead to you having additional money-saving offers in the future.

About Splash Wines

Splash Wines Review

Splash Wines might not be the oldest wine club, but it is from a family that has been in the wine club for three generations. They have been working on internet sales for more than fifteen years and have put that expertise into creating the wine club of your dreams. They wanted to make the experience of purchasing wines online a pleasant one rather than the hassle that it had been. Their connections and experience have led to a fascinating wine club that is different and makes online wine shopping one that is not just simple, but enjoyable.

Splash Wines Best-Quality Wines

The company is passionate about choosing wines from around the world. They look to create the best-quality wines that you will enjoy drinking. With Splash Wines you are getting incredible wines for a fraction of the price and are able to really enjoy the wines that you receive.

Splash Wines Specs

  • Wine club that is offered annually, bi-monthly, or monthly.
  • Wine club that costs $59 with additional options that are $10 and $20.
  • Wines ship within two days of purchase, but many times within one day.
  • Wines are delivered within one and fourteen days of shipment.
  • Wine purchases offer points to where you can cash in on additional discounts.
  • Each month six bottles of wine arrive.
  • You can choose between red, white, and mixed cases.

Splash Wines Pros

  • Convenient wine club with high-quality wines.
  • More choices for wines that you might not have heard of before.
  • A great way to try out of new wines that are curated for you to enjoy.
  • Great gift options for friends and families.
  • Ability to purchase more wines at a discount based on how many wines you purchase.
  • Loyalty rewards and referral rewards.

Splash Wines Cons

  • The company has the policy to replace bottles of wine that run out with any other wine that they choose based on availability.
  • You do not really get to choose your wine.
  • There are no cellar club options for white wines.
  • The long term customers seem to be less happy than those who are more recent customers.
  • Figuring out how to cancel your membership requires a lot of work.