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NatureBox Review + Exclusive Discount

NatureBox Overview

NatureBox Review

NatureBox is a subscription-based snack company that has been delivering boxes full of unique, nutritionist-approved snacks to subscribers' doors since 2012. Six years after its founding, NatureBox has a lineup of more than 100 different healthy snacks designed to delight your taste buds in between meals without the artificial sweeteners and flavors that overwhelm the snack aisles of local grocery stores. In fact, NatureBox caters to just about any diet, offering dozens of snack options that qualify as vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, milk-free or nut-free foods. If you enjoy new flavors, interesting textures, and fun food combinations, NatureBox is well worth a try.

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How a NatureBox Subscription Works

New NatureBox subscribers have several decisions to make when signing up for the service. Boxes are delivered monthly, with subscribers able to choose from a variety of snacks. Each snack box is individually packaged to provide between three and five snack servings. If your initial shipments prove to be too much or too little, you can adjust your subscription to match your needs. With appropriate notice, you can always cancel, change or pause your subscription at any time.

NatureBox Delightful Snack Box

You can also choose which snacks are delivered in each shipment from NatureBox's full menu of over 100 options. Adventurous subscribers can leave it up to NatureBox to deliver a specially curated selection each month. Whoever decides on the snacks in your box, the company's 100% satisfaction guarantee entitles you to an extra snack in your next box if you come across one you did not like in your current box.

Subscription Pricing

When you make a purchase on NatureBox's website, you are automatically signed up for the brand's membership program, which is free for the first thirty days.

Costing $60 per year, this membership lets you save up to 40% on select snacks, qualify for free shipping on orders over $25, and receive $5 worth of in-store credit each month. The plan auto-renews after twelve months unless you choose to cancel it beforehand.


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If you want to opt out of a NatureBox membership, you need to cancel it within 30 days of your first order. Otherwise, you will be charged the full year's amount of $60 at the start of the second month.

This annual membership also qualifies subscribers for NatureBox's 'Don't Like It, Don't Eat It' guarantee. If you aren't happy with a sample you receive, you can contact the company within 90 days of purchase and they will reimburse you with store credit.

Where Else Can You Buy NatureBox Snacks?

NatureBox Snacks at Target

At the time of writing, NatureBox is transitioning from solely e-commerce company to offering their snacks in retail locations across America. Current options include Target, Safeway, and select Costco, Cost Plus, Sprout's, Barnes and Noble locations and more.

About NatureBox Office Snacks

NatureBox has begun offering a new form of subscription service: Office Snacks. This plan allows businesses of more than 20 employees to received unlimited snacks for a fixed monthly price per employee.

The Office Snacks program offers two pricing systems:

Naturebox Office Snacks Program

Base Program

  • Cost - $20 per employee
  • Benefits - Unlimited bulk snacks

Boost Program

  • Cost - $25 per employee
  • Benefits - Unlimited bulk snacks, single-serve snacks, coffee

Included in the base program are nut mixes, pretzels, dried fruit, cookies, granola bars, popcorn and more. The Boost program adds on single serving packets of different chips, cookies, and nut mixes, as well as medium, breakfast, and dark roast coffee from Counter Culture.

Along with a subscription purchase, the company also offers free kitchen setup supplies like jars, scoops and trays, as well as free shipping for every purchase. Office Snacks are provided on an unlimited basis, meaning that the company can request more snacks once the current supply is 75% gone.

Allergies and NatureBox Snacks

According to the brand's website, NatureBox snacks do not qualify as safe for allergy sufferers.

All of their food is packaged in the same facility, which creates a risk of cross-contamination. For this reason, the snacks can't be certified as gluten-free, even they are made with ingredients that are free of gluten.

The Bottom Line

Since NatureBox changed their business model from a discovery subscription to a membership service, many people are wondering if this is the right time to sign up.

According to our research, NatureBox is presenting itself as a premier snack option for those who want convenient choices for snacking on a regular basis but don't want to deal with a "discovery subscription" and would instead prefer to choose precisely what they get in each order.

Likewise, NatureBox is targeting itself towards corporate culture by offering an unlimited office subscription service with a flat price per employee. Companies pay for the service monthly, and NatureBox promises to refill all snacks whenever they request it.

Compared to the competition, NatureBox offers more autonomy for consumers than subscription services like Graze or HealthPak, and it provides subscription savings for those committed for the long term.

The NatureBox Business

NatureBox Snacks

NatureBox differs from many other popular subscription services in that it develops and produces all of its own products rather than curating a selection of products from other companies. In fact, NatureBox has received a lot of press in recent years profiling its unique approach to the subscription-box business.

NatureBox relies heavily on snack ratings from its subscriber base and customer data from its direct-sales model to make decisions about what kinds of new snack products are likely to be most successful. This analytical approach has helped NatureBox reduce the time it takes to develop and release a new product to about 90 days on average.

NatureBox Blueberry Almond Quinoa Bites

In fact, NatureBox always has many new products in development, often introducing multiple new snack items to subscribers on a monthly basis. NatureBox has also started offering its products in retail stores, such as Target (TGT).

NatureBox's ability to innovate quickly and successfully has been a big reason why so many subscribers join the service and then stick with it over time. Private equity investors have also been impressed with the company.