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LegacyBox Review + Exclusive Discount

LegacyBox Overview

LegacyBox Review

LegacyBox is a company dedicated to helping you preserve any format of outdated memories in a digital format.

They can preserve many different kinds of media - photos, VHS tapes, DVDs, even Super 8 film!

We really liked the frequent updates from the company, especially since our irreplaceable family memories were in their hands.

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Start of Cooperation with LegacyBox

After shipping off our LegacyBox filled with family memories, the company kept us informed of its progress along the way.

We received emails confirming that they received our box, when they began digitizing our VHS tapes and when they began the rendering process of the digital files.

LegacyBox Pricing

Package Starting Price:

  • $59.99 – Up to 2 items

What's included:

  • Welcome guide with instructions
  • Crush proof box
  • Barcodes for each item
  • Pre-paid return shipping label
  • Digitization by hand
  • DVDs

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Pros to LegacyBox

You never have to leave your house! If the thought of finding a local place (or a techie friend) to do this for you feels a little daunting, they save you having to worry about making phone calls or online research to find a company to preserve your memories.

LegacyBox Digitizing Kit

This would make a cool and unique gift idea. We thinking it would be fun to give to a relative or friend who had a lot of memories to preserve or for someone who had lost a loved one.

It's so simple… well, not the part of going through all the memories and photos! But the part of actually sending things off to LegacyBox? It's a cinch! You just put your items in baggies with identification stickers on them, pop them in the LegacyBox kit, put it back in the mailer box it came from, attach the pre-paid label, and drop it off at a FedEx store. Boom, done.

Cons to LegacyBox

You could do it yourself. While some of the older VHS, film, and audio might be hard to professionally preserve yourself, other things - like photos - would be fairly simple to scan and preserve onto a DVD or thumb drive.

LegacyBox with Old Home Movies and Photos

It's expensive. $75 to $500 for preserving your memories is a lot of money. But it's also one of those things that could be a priceless sort of investment. Many of the photos and VHS tapes we dug up were ones we would never want to lose… and ones we want to share with our kids and grandkids.

Note: Many people have left comments stating that LegacyBox lost their photos or VHS tapes that they sent in. Read the comments for honest experiences others have had with LegacyBox that were not positive.

Free USBs for the trouble?

We also want to note that LegacyBox included two USBs with our return order. They contain all our digital files. LegacyBox offers this option as an add-on to their boxes during the initial order process. The prices range from $15.95 for an 8GB thumb drive with the $75 Starter box to $49.95 for a 64GB thumb drive with the $500 Closet Box package.

LegacyBox Thumb Drive

We did not order these USBs. LegacyBox did not include a note or other documentation explaining their inclusion in our box. We left to assume that LegacyBox sent these complimentary thumb drives to us because it was a return order and they were trying to make things “right.” We appreciate the gesture, as it will make it easier to share these files digitally with friends and family.

As part of their regular packages, LegacyBox includes digital files on CDs with your order. But, because both the CDs and the files are only labeled with your order number, it could be time consuming to figure out which CD has the file you are looking for.

Would we use LegacyBox again?

Yes, we would use LegacyBox again to preserve our family memories. The company re-digitized our entire order on fresh discs at no additional charge. LegacyBox also sent us two complimentary USBs containing all our digital files. To us, this demonstrates the company is serious about customer satisfaction.

We also want to be clear that we not affiliated with LegacyBox in any way. We paid for the Closet box package last fall during one of their sales. We chose to blog about my experience because we didn't see many LegacyBox reviews online when we did a search last year prior to purchasing a box.

How LegacyBox Works

LegacyBox Kit

1. Sign up to get a kit in the mail. Depending upon how many memories you want to preserve, you can choose the kit that is best for you. They offer four different kit options.

2. LegacyBox will send you a kit that includes a welcome guide, a pre-paid FedEx shipping label, individual item barcodes, a crush proof box, and a personal concierge so you can talk to an expert any time if you have questions while you're collecting items for your box.

3. Fill up your box with your items you want preserved. They can digitally preserve almost everything - tapes, film, photos, negatives, or audio. fill it with any formats in your collection, then send it back in the box it came in with the pre-paid label.

LegacyBox Box

Note: One thing that we missed somehow was that you are supposed to save the outer box that the LegacyBox comes in to stick the LegacyBox in and mail back. We almost didn't catch this before we had tossed that box and it would have been bad because the LegacyBox fits perfectly into that box and that's how it guarantees that your special items aren't crushed in the shipment.

4. In a few weeks, you'll receive your originals back along with archival DVDs (or an optional thumb drive), digital files ready to share and enjoy, plus the LegacyBox for storage. Barcoding with online order tracking ensures your memories stay safe throughout the whole process.