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If you need a reason to subscribe to Kidbox, let it be this: The company has partnered with Delivering Good, a nonprofit dedicated to providing new clothing to children in need. Each time a customer purchases an entire Kidbox, a new clothing item is given to a child in need through a charity of the the customer's choice. With a goal of providing clothes to over one million needy kids, this is shopping you can actually feel good about.

How it works

Kidbox offers two different box options: a seasonal box that you can try on and send back, and a pick your own box for which you pre-pay and keep every item. I accidentally signed up for one seasonal box and one pick your own box, because the Kidbox site isn't super easy to navigate, which made it difficult to tell exactly what I was signing up for. Thankfully, the Kidbox Customer Service department let me return the items from the pick your own box once I explained that I had ordered it in error.

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What it costs

There's no styling fee with Kidbox, and all of the seasonal boxes cost $98 (plus applicable tax) if you decide to keep every item. Shipping is free both ways.


Noah's Kidbox

Noah's Kidbox didn't fit his style very well.

  • Penguin red drawstring shorts: $27
  • Silver Jeans hashtag button-down shirt: $27
  • Joe's Jeans green twill short: $19
  • Hudson denim shorts: $27
  • Splendid camo T-shirt: $21
  • French Toast striped tank top: $6

The pieces included in Noah's Kidbox were from well-known, quality brands. Overall, the styles were slightly on the preppy side, but the camo T-shirt from Splendid is something that Noah likely would've picked out himself.

Free Shipping

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I thought the pieces were well-priced for brands that tend to be more high-end, but Noah wasn't thrilled with anything from this box. Fit was an issue with both the jean shorts and the twill shorts—they were too big in the waist—and the fabrics weren't soft enough for my finicky child.

The unicorn purse was the best part of Rose's Kidbox.

  • Silver Jeans denim shorts: $25
  • Appaman pink palm tree tank: $27
  • Vigoss polka dot lace short: $18
  • Toby & Company unicorn purse: $13
  • Lavender belted floral dress: $40
  • French Toast ruffle sleeve tank: $7

The first thing Rose saw when she opened her box was the unicorn purse, so right away she was a big fan of Kidbox. I liked that they included an accessory, because it's not the type of item I would normally remember to shop for, but is likely something I would need at the last minute before some sort of event.

Kidbox June

In general, I didn't think that the items in Rose's box were all that unique or fashion-forward, and only one of the brand names was recognizable. Rose vetoed all of the shorts due to the stiff fabrics, and while she liked the floral dress, I thought the fabric looked cheap and that it was overpriced.

I love the mission of Kidbox, but the items we received didn't really align with the kids' style profiles. The price for the seasonal box—six new items of clothing, all from recognizable brands—for under $100 is a good deal. The added convenience of not having to go shopping with children makes Kidbox a sanity and time saver, especially for those whose kids prefer more tailored looks.

About KidBox

Kidbox boxe today

Getting adorable outfits for your children may be fun, but it also requires quite a lot of time. With each KIDBOX subscription box, you get beautiful, high-quality clothing items handpicked by a stylist and chosen in accordance with your child’s unique style.

Kidbox girls spring

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When subscribing to KIDBOX, you begin by filling out a profile, stating the preferences of your child. Once you let KIDBOX know what your child loves to wear, you get 5 customized boxes per year including seasonal items from some of the top world brands. The boxes are delivered to your home for free, your child gets to try them on, and you get to decide which items you want to keep and which to return. You only pay for the items you keep.

Kidbox subscription boxes

KIDBOX is suitable for both boys and girls up to the age of 14. KIDBOX subscription boxes for babies include 5 to 8 items, with prices ranging from $8 to $9 per item. Boxes for children of other ages include 6 to 7 items and each item costs between $14 and $16.

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Once your seasonal box is ready for shipping, KIDBOX asks you if you wish to receive it. You are free to skip whenever you want. On the other hand, if you need more clothes, KIDBOX can send you a second box with no repeat items. If you love an item but it does not fit, you can exchange sizes directly from your account. For every full box you keep, KIDBOX donates a lovely outfit to a child in need.