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Jerky Subscription Review + Exclusive Discount

Jerky Subscription Review

Jerky Subscription is the beef jerky of the month club that you want to be a part of. They deliver delicious new brands and hard to find flavors to your home or office every month. Jerky Subscription also makes the perfect gift for that person who has everything.


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Jerky Subscription Pricing

Jerky Subscription is the premium craft beef jerky subscription box for anyone looking to discover the world's best craft jerky brands. You will only receive small-batch craft jerky brands with delicious flavors.

Today, the company offers such beef jerky subscription boxs:

Jerky Subscription Beef Jerky Boxes

What is This Beer-Infused Jerky Box?

For a limited time, we're offering a beer-infused beef jerky box that combines two of our personal favorites, booze, and jerky.

Jerky Subscription Beer-Infused Beef Jerky Box

Each brand and flavor in this specialty box has been hand-selected for its deliciousness. If you like jerky, beer or both, you will absolutely love this box.

Everything you need to know:

  • You will receive 6 unique beer infused jerky bags
  • We only select small-batch jerky brands
  • One-time purchase and will not renew (perfect for gifts)
  • Free shipping

What Jerky Subscription offers

  • PREMIUM QUALITY BEEF: This delicious beef jerky is made of 100% premium beef meat. The carefully selected lean meat was seasoned with special ingredients to ensure a rich taste. The meat is 96% fat-free and no MSG was added.
Jerky Subscription Monthly Pack
  • MADE IN USA: The meat for this amazing beef jerky included in the monthly box is selected from only USA-raised cattle. In this way, you get a top-quality, traditional snack, to satisfy your beef jerky appetite.
  • AMAZING TASTE: The beef jerky snack owes the delicious taste to a carefully followed recipe. The beef meat was slowly cooked and hardwood smoked, then seasoned with aromatic ingredients, to ensure an exquisite taste and flavor.
  • HIGH-PROTEIN SNACK: With this flavorful beef jerky, your protein intake is assured. It contains 12g of proteins and 70 calories per serving, making it a healthy snack, meant to ensure you are energized all day.
  • DELICIOUS PRESENT: The beef jerky snack pack is delicious and flavorful. So, who wouldn't want a piece of that? The monthly subscription for beef jerky is the ideal present for jerky lovers, because who would refuse such a delicious, traditional snack?

Jerky Subscription Unboxing & Review

Jerky Subscription sent us their Six Jerky box to try.

Jerky Subscription Beef Jerky of The Month Club 2 Bags

We not going to lie, it was nice to know we had a hefty snack collection sitting on the shelf just in case we ever started getting hangry.


Jerky Subscription's deliveries arrive in a simple labeled bag. We get roughly 10 million cardboard boxes a day (and so does everyone else in our building.

The presentation wasn't anything special, but truthfully, we were glad to skip breaking down another cardboard box. When it comes to beef jerky, we not looking for anything artful. Straightforward works for us.

Customer Service

Jerky Subscription is easy to get in touch with. You can chat with them directly on their website, through email, or through their Instagram account.

If you're not a fan of one of the flavors in your pack, they'll send you a little something extra in your following delivery.

And if you'd like to cancel, there's a simple button on your account page that makes it easy to quit the service. We always take an easy-cancel button as a mark of a great subscription service. Good businesses know that customers stay if the service treats them well. They don't need to hide their cancel button.


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  • The artisan, small-batch jerkies had unique and delicious flavorings that we could never be able to find at a supermarket.
  • We loved that they included some biltong. No, it's not strictly jerky, but it's dried beef, and that's good enough for us.
  • Jerky Subscription is most reasonably priced, especially given the quality of the products.


  • We picked up the six-package delivery and there were only three brands. We could see this being a downside if someone were interested in trying a wide variety of hard-to-find jerkies from around the country.

The Bottom Line

Jerky Subscription delivered six artisan, small-batch jerkies that ran the gamut from traditional to off-the-wall. Their price point and excellent customer service make them a top choice if you're looking to beef up your jerky knowledge.

About Jerky Subscription

Jerky Subscription Monthly Box

It's pretty simple.

If you're looking for high-quality, artisan jerky delivered to your door, Jerky Subscription is your best option.

There are a few other similar subscriptions out on the market that offer similar quality products, but none do it at the price that these guys do.

We enjoyed learning about the three brands that were in our shipment, but in the future, we would like to see a different brand for each package. Learning about six brands is more fun than learning about three.

Jerky Subscription Monthly Box

We would also like to see them pack in more odd-ball flavors like their stout-infused and crab-spice. Those were our favorites and it's because they're unusual.

All-in-all, if you're looking to pick up Jerky Subscription for yourself or as a gift, you can't go wrong.

Their great product, solid customer service, and easy gifting options make JS a winner in our books.

Jerky Subscription Delicacies

What We Like

  • Perfect for Paleo, CrossFit, Keto and low-carb dieters
  • Subscription Options: 2 Bags, 4 Bags, 6 Bags or 8 Bags
  • Only unique craft jerky brands and hard to find flavors
  • Skip a month, cancel anytime