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Highlights is a global media brand dedicated to helping children become curious, creative, caring, and confident through engaging content and experiences that are focused on nurturing and developing the whole child. Highlights reaches children 0–12 with its most popular magazines and books, and on multi-platform digital experiences, digital apps, toys/games, a podcast, and more.


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Research shows that it takes as little as 15 minutes of engaged practice for a child to get the most out of a learning activity. Every 15 Minutes a Day School Success Box features award-winning content with kid-friendly directions and built-in motivators that excite children and encourage independence and resilience as they master each skill set.

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Every box includes two practice workbooks that focus on subjects ranging from math and reading to phonics and handwriting, as well as a third activity book for added learning application. In addition to essential skills practice, workbooks feature age-appropriate Hidden Pictures puzzles, activities, mazes, jokes and humor to get kids excited about learning and build confidence. Boxes follow the general progression of the school year but aren't limited to month-to-month curriculum, to provide enough flexibility so parents can ensure progression happens at the right pace for their child.

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The first 15 Minutes a Day School Success box is being offered at a 50% discount and includes a School Success Starter Kit containing a program guide, wall-sized progress poster, sticker rewards sheet, and double-sided wipe-clean writing board. Each subsequent monthly box will cost $24.98.

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"We wanted to create a product that supports both child and parent, and package it in a way that promotes learning progress while seamlessly fitting into a family's day-to-day life," said Mary-Alice Moore, Executive Vice President at Highlights. "All the thoughtfulness, care, expertise and effort that Highlights puts into its products are here with 15 Minutes a Day to School Success." For more information visit:

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Highlights is a company that offers a variety of entertainment and educational items for children of all ages, including magazines, books, puzzles, games, science, art and craft items, and much more. With Highlights book clubs for children aged 0-12, you can surprise your little ones with fun books and extras every month at a great price.

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Every book you receive is beautifully illustrated and contains fun puzzle challenges selected in accordance with the developmental stages of children and designed to support the development of a variety of skills and abilities, including manual dexterity, logic, creativity, critical thinking, concentration, visual perception, and math and language skills. Along with the books, children can also receive a variety of bonus items, such as stickers, totes, toys, and more.

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The prices of subscriptions start at only $6.95. The items you receive come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.