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GreenUP Box Review + Exclusive Discount

Kokoa Botanics Sport Natural Detox Deodorant in Frankensence + Orange, 2.65 oz

Kokoa Botanics Sport Natural Detox Deodorant in Frankensence + Orange, 2.65 oz Retail Value $11

The Products: 4-6 eco-friendly products empowering you to use less plastic and produce less waste in one area of your life.

Zinc sunscreen is a must-have for clean, non-chemical UVA and UVB protection. This SPF 30 balm goes on with a sheen, but after it sinks in, it feels very hydrating, and dare I say, non-greasy? I have very dry, sensitive skin, so my pores soaked up the nourishing cocoa butter and vitamin E oils. It also smells like cocoa butter, yum! I wore this on a very hot day while doing some weed pulling, and my face was protected through my sweat and tears.

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I've had the best luck with natural deodorants this summer! They have come such a long way since I first started dabbling in cleaner formulas, and here is yet another I can add to my ever-growing favorites. I was impressed by how softening and smooth this deodorant felt; it melted into my skin and I was odor-free all day. Kaolin clay and coral calcium aid in moisture absorption and odor protection. This vegan, toxin-free, and plastic-free body care item is a healthier alternative for you and for planet Earth!


Earth Suds Body Wash Tablets, 9 tablets – Listed Value $5 (Buy 30 for $14.99 here)

This is a brand new concept for me. One little cube is enough product (for me) for one quick shower. I crushed the cube into my hands, which created a generous lather. I was able to cover myself with the soap from head to toe, but I felt like I had to rush to use it, otherwise, I would have lost a lot of product down the drain. I like to conserve my bath products so one cube sufficed, but if you are anything like my husband (who goes through an unreasonable amount of shower products), you would need 2-3 cubes per shower to "feel clean." That would get awfully expensive! I really loved sampling this body wash, and I think it would be awesome for travel but not practical for everyday use.


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Copper Water Bottle

Hav & Jord Copper Water Bottle – Listed Value $35

Copper water bottles have antibacterial properties, so this will be a great accessory for 2020. I really like this lightweight and leak-proof bottle; it holds about 18 oz and is comfortable to drink from. I never knew this, but the info card says that water stored in copper becomes alkaline which is all the better!

Hav and Jord Organic Cotton French Net Bag

Hav & Jord Organic Cotton French Net Bag – Listed Value $12

No matter the sitch, I am never without a reusable shopping bag. I have about 10 in my car at all times, two in my purse, and another in Ro's diaper bag. Excessive? Yes, but they are all there "just in case"... This net bag is perfect for produce shopping at the grocery store. It is big enough to fit my order of summer fruits and veggies but small enough that I won't overfill and crush anything. Another plus, I absolutely love the color of this bag; it is perfect all year 'round, but it is especially nice for summer months.

Hav & Jord Bamboo Straw Set with Cotton Pouch

Hav & Jord Bamboo Straw Set with Cotton Pouch – Listed Value $10

I am always drinking out of reusable straws at home, but this is my first collection of bamboo straws! They are eco-friendly, sustainable, and pesticide-free. This set comes with a cotton pouch to store them in and a cleaning brush to get all the nooks and crannies squeaky clean. Bamboo staws definitely have a modern, almost beachy aesthetic to them which looks much nicer than any plastic straw I've seen. In order to keep these looking and working their best, I'd give these a quick scrub and refrain from submerging them, unless they are in use of course.


I am totally on board with greenUP's anti-plastic incentive. The items in this box will not only be useful, but I will feel like I am doing my part by choosing to consume less waste while also minimizing my carbon footprint. Everything I received in the Summer Box is awesome quality and well worth the cost of the subscription. It is amazing how much plastic is out there, and by taking small steps every day, I think we could all make a huge difference. The total value of this box adds up to $97, over double the $39.95 + $3 shipping subscription cost; I'm an avid recycler and wouldn't be caught dead with a plastic bag, so this box was well suited for my lifestyle.

About GreenUP Box

greenUP Box

GreenUP Box is a bi-monthly subscription box that focuses on providing earth-friendly discoveries to reduce the use of disposable plastic in your life.

This subscription will help to replace those items with reusable, more eco-friendly finds.

Each box is curated around an everyday life theme to sustain plastic-free habits within that area of your life.