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Green Kid Crafts Review + Exclusive Discount

Green Kid Crafts Overview

Green Kid Crafts Box Review

Green Kid Crafts offers science, technology, engineering, art & math monthly boxes for kids. This subscription is targeted for kids 3 to 10, but we think kids 5 to 8 will like it best, it incorporates STEAM concepts. Here you have the option of buying another set of materials for a second child for less than the cost of a second box, and most of the projects can be completed independently.


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Green Kid Crafts offers two different age-based subscriptions: Discovery Box (for children ages 5-10+) and Junior Discovery Box (for children ages 2-4), as well as Sibling Boxes (two sets of each project kit).

What to Expect Each Month

  • 3-4 award winning Creativity and STEM Science Kits (science, technology, engineering, and math) designed by experts to build confidence, flex creativity, and make kids smarter. Look Inside a box to learn more.
  • All materials and instructions, along with some fun extras!
  • An exciting new theme, think Outer Space, Kitchen Science, Nocturnal Animals, Backyard Science, Ocean, and Mad Scientist.
  • Included free for subscribers: Exclusive online collection of additional activities, reading lists, games, puzzles, and more each month, all centered about the monthly theme!
Green Kid Crafts Music Science of Sound

Monthly Subscription

With Green Kid Crafts, choose a monthly subscription and cancel any time. If you prefer a longterm subscription, prepay and save money with your choice of a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription.

Prices begin at just $24.95 per month for one child or $44.95 for two children.

Plus, subscribers have access to an "exclusive online collection of additional activities, reading lists, games, puzzles, and more each month, all centered about the monthly theme!"


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Our Experience

Like always, our kids were very excited when we received our box.They were ready to open it and get started. The box we got was their junior box since Sam is 3 and the theme was reptiles.

Green Kid Crafts Reptiles Box

What’s in the box?

Inside the box we found 4 different activities, a booklet, a badge (sticker), and a chart to put the badge on (to collect all of badges).


The booklet started with an introduction to reptiles by giving some information about reptiles. Reptiles are a topic we haven’t done yet in our tot school, so I love that the booklet had the introduction.

Project 1: Turtle Mosaic

This activity let our kid be creative and design his turtle shell while working on fine motor skills, shapes, colors and patterns.

Project 2: Counting Crocodile

This was by far our favorite activity in this box! It worked on numbers and counting which is something we have been working on a lot, and we love that it is something we can easily use over and over again. It even became an activity we added to our busy bags.

Green Kid Crafts Crocodile

Project 3: Door Knob Lizard Craft

Our son was excited about decorating his lizard and hanging it on his bedroom door. We have been working on his name so we used the letter stickers to put his name on the door hanger.

Project 4: Articulated Snake

Sam enjoyed decorating his snake and making it slither. He played with if for the rest of the evening.

Final Thoughts

The activities are prepackaged with all of the materials included and ready to use. The booklet includes directions for each activity as well as questions to scaffold learning. It couldn’t be simpler for busy moms, and it’s a great way to engage your kids in STEAM activities without having to prepare anything.

We were pleasantly surprised with the activities that came in our box and the quality of the materials. Our son was engaged and enjoyed doing the activities. We weren’t sure what to expect before we received our box, but after giving Green Kid Crafts a try we will definitely be ordering some more boxes.

Green Kid Crafts "Desert Science" Box Review

Green Kid Crafts Junior Box

The booklet for this month offered some basic information about what deserts are and provided instructions for the four different projects in the box.

There were also a few pages of activities, a maze, book suggestions, and the social media information for Green Kid Crafts.

Green Kid Crafts Booklet

Each box includes a new sticker for your kids and you can add their to your Green Kid Crafts badge chart.

The project materials come packaged neatly in this recycled-plastic bag. They put more than one project’s materials in each bag—it conserves plastic while still keeping things organized.

Project 1

Our first project was to paint a wooden lizard. The slits on the lizard’s body allow its tail to move back and forth, which is certainly fun to play with! They also provided paint and a brush.

Green Kid Crafts Wooden Lizard

With the help of the booklet, we talked with our kids about what a desert is and the animals you might find there. Then, we got our kid set up to paint his lizard.

Project 2

Next we made a patterned snake using the pipe cleaners and pony beads in our box. While we love this idea and that it intends to help teach patterns, there really weren’t enough beads of each color to make many patterns.

Green Kid Crafts Patterned Snake

Project 3

Our third project was to perform some desert animal “experiments” using these two rubbery lizards and a small thermometer.

Green Kid Crafts Items for Experiment

We placed one of the lizards in direct sunlight and the other lizard the shade. Then, we compared the temperature of each lizard and talked about why animals might like to stay in the shade. We also explored why desert animals tend to be nocturnal (we compared the temperature outside during the day and then at night) and also why they burrow (we buried one lizard in a cup of dirt, put the other on the surface of the dirt, and compared their temperatures). While we like the idea behind these experiments, we felt like the concepts were almost too simple.

Project 4

Our last project was probably my son’s favorite. In it, he learned about cacti by making our own cactus ball using a green floral foam sphere and some toothpicks. I was a little worried about my son using the toothpicks by himself, but they were slightly dull, so he had no trouble at all. This was great fine motor practice for him!

Green Kid Crafts Cactus

I left the room for a few minutes, and when I came back, my son was almost done doing this project himself! I was actually pretty impressed by how well he had spread out the toothpicks and how hard he was concentrating.

His spiky cactus ball turned out great! When it was finished, we took it outside to see if the shape created any shadows, and talked about how the needles provide the cactus with shade.