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Gentleman's Box Review + Exclusive Discount

Gentleman's Box

Gentleman's Box Review

If you're here, you know a thing or two about style already.

You may have already established yourself as the most fashionable guy in the office. But we both know how hard it is to stay on top of your fashion game when you work long hours.

So how are you going to defend your title as the most stylish guy?

As it turns out, it's not hard to keep your outfits looking new and fresh. It's all in the details.

That's where Gentleman's Box comes in.

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Gentleman's Box Feb. 2020

They aim to outfit guys with new stylish accessories every month, and they even offer a quarterly subscription with some big-ticket items every guy needs.

Gentleman's Box sent us their February 2020 Classic and Fall 2019 Premium deliveries to check out.

Were they able to pack worthwhile products, or are they just another subscription company filling packages with bargain-basement deals?

Pros & Cons


  • A few very useful, premium quality items
  • A strong, consistent theme across all boxes
  • Excellent look and design on the featured items
  • The value is way more than the cost


  • The leather portfolio could use a little more focus on the details
  • You can only cancel by phone
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What is Gentleman's Box?

Gentleman's Box Accessories

John Haji, the founder of Gentleman's Box, worked in the automotive industry years ago. A lifelong lover of fashion, long hours at work meant he was having trouble keeping his style game on par.

While visiting a friend, John came upon Birchbox, a grooming and skin-care subscription.

What if there was a way, he thought, to deliver classy accessories to guys who just don't have the time?

The idea for Gentleman's Box was born. The company launched in the Spring of 2014 and has been delivering men's accessories ever since.

Haji has made a simple promise that's helped the steady growth of his subscription service-every Gentleman's Box offers at least three times the value of what it costs.

Not only that, but every subscriber also gets a 1-year subscription to GQ magazine on signing up. Not a bad perk.

There are two subscription options:

Gentleman's Box Classic Subscription

Gentleman's Box Classic Subscription

Gentleman's Box has a new release every month based on a famous gentleman. Whether it's Jack Nicholson or Jason Momoa, these packages are filled with little details that paint a dapper picture.

Generally, the Classic subscription features a tie and a pair of socks. Beyond that, you'll find cufflinks, tie-bars, lapel pins, bracelets, headphones-the small things that busy guys love but never find the time to buy.

Gentleman's Box Premium Subscription

Gentleman's Box Premuim Subscription

For those that want access to even more high quality accessories, Gentleman's Box offers a premium subscription, too. It's delivered quarterly rather than monthly and is packed with a few high-end goodies.

Featuring four to six items, the Premium box still keeps the 3x value promise. These items are high-end accessories-the kind of details that make a truly distinguished man.

For our reviews, Gentleman's Box sent us their Fall 2019 Premium edition and their February 2020 Classic edition. Read what I thought after joining over 40,000 guys in learning what the gentleman is all about.

Our Overall Thoughts on Gentleman's Box Classic

What We Like

  • There were five items and four patterns. Paired with a simple blue suit and white shirt, these accessories will add all the flair you need for a killer outfit.
  • The overall value for the Classic subscription is excellent (at least for this box). You'll get use out of every item well beyond the pretty reasonable price paid.
  • The accessories all match very well. Again, when you put these all together, they really make the outfit.
  • Gentleman's Box isn't just about the products they put in the package-with their unique guidebook packaging, they're clearly committed to being a resource for Gentlemen everywhere.

What We Don't Like

  • We not sure how long the socks will last.

My Overall Thoughts on Gentleman's Box Premium

What We Like

  • We got more value than the cost of the subscription.
  • Each item held its own, they're all useful.
  • All the items look cool and fit into your style easily.

What We Don't Like

  • The Armoir Fashion leather portfolio could have used a little more TLC. We appreciate the rustic design, but we expect to have burnished edges and consistent stitching on premium quality products.
  • The "call-to-cancel" policy seems a little outdated. For an internet-native company, we expect to see a streamlined, easy process for handling cancellations.

The Bottom Line

Gentleman's Box Summer Box

Gentleman's Box will surprise you. Their unique and useful selection of themed items came through in value and style. We felt that for their price, both the Classic and Premium Box over delivered, and I was happily surprised by some of the products. The boxes are a great way to expand your style horizons and add new accessories, patterns and products to your wardrobe - that you might not have tried otherwise.

About Gentleman's Box Cost & Subscribe

Gentleman's Box Items


Gentleman's Box offers multiple purchasing options. In addition to the $25 Classic Box (pro-tip: the annual subscription will drop the price of each box to $23) and the $100 Premium Box, you can also sign up for their $12 Sock of the Month or $15 Tie of the Month subscriptions. These single-item subscriptions are a great way to build up your tie and belt collection without breaking the bank. Classic Boxes are also available to purchase after they are released, which is especially useful if you miss a month.

For gifting options, customers have the choice to gift three, six, or 12- month subscriptions for $75, $150 or $275 (The 12-month includes one free box). For groomsmen gifts, there are three box options priced at $30, $45 and $60.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe, visitors should visit, and determine if they want to 'Join,' or 'Gift' a subscription box. Unlike other service providers, there is no questionnaire to fill in with preferences. Each monthly box is largely the same for each recipient (styles or colors may vary) and is based instead on a unique monthly theme. People who sign up for a gift service will select a three, six or nine-month subscription and pay in total at the checkout.

Gentleman's Boxes

For the Premium Box, you have to fill out a short questionnaire to be accepted before you can add the box to your cart. Expect questions like "How would you rate your style" (from 1-10), and "How many days a week do you wear ties?"

Managing Your Subscription

Once you have signed up for your subscription, you can manage your service by logging into the website. This is a simple area that uses Facebook or email authentication and will store your payment information securely. People who gift a box will expect to see their shipments go out for the number of months requested. You can cancel a monthly subscription at any time via the ‘My Account' portal on the website although cutoff dates apply.

From here, you can:

  • Change your frequency or subscription information
  • Order new items or cancel a subscription