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FabKids Review + Exclusive Discount

FabKids Review

FabKids is a monthly subscription service for fun, stylish kids' clothes. Subscribers get 40% off retail prices.

FabKids selects cool outfits, pieces and accessories for subscribers to choose from each month.

Subscribers get to shop, skip a month or receive credit for future purchases.

The FabKids spring sale lets you buy two pairs of shoes for $9.95 and includes free shipping.

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What is FabKids?

FabKids is a monthly clothing subscription service that focuses on fun, fashionable clothing and accessories for children. FabKids curates its offerings to make sure its latest selections are always in style. It offers products in a variety of styles for boys and girls between the ages of 1 and 6. The company also has occasional sales not related to its monthly subscription service.

How does FabKids work?

FabKids takes children's preferences into account, including their favorite color, store and school outfit. Subscribers select the clothing they want at the beginning of each month, and FabKids ships it to their homes. Customers can track their orders online.

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FabKids subscribers have a five-day window at the beginning of each month to make their selections. Subscribers have three options.

Shop: Subscribers browse FabKids' curated selection of clothing and accessories for that month and choose what they want.

Skip: Subscribers who don't want to buy any of the available clothing can skip a month. If they change their mind, they can come back and shop later.

Save: If a subscriber doesn't shop or skip by the sixth of the month, FabKids charges the monthly fee but transfers $39.95 in credit to the subscriber's account for later use.

FabKids Kids Clothing

How much does FabKids cost?

A FabKids subscription costs $39.95 a month. We see similar subscription services as low as $14 a month and as high as $95 a month, so FabKids' price is around the middle of what's available.

About FabKids

FabKids Boxes

Customers who choose not to purchase clothes for a particular month and do not skip are charged the monthly cost but receive a credit to their account to use toward a future purchase. Subscriptions are month to month, so customers don't need to worry about being locked into a membership.

FabKids Firstlook

Is FabKids worth it?

FabKids is an exciting subscription for kids and parents interested in fashionable, fun clothing. FabKids isn't the cheapest subscription service out there, but we like that it curates its selections well and bases them on each child's preferences. We think FabKids is worth it.