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Deck of Scarlet Review + Exclusive Discount

Deck of Scarlet Overview

Deck of-Scarlet Review

Deck of Scarlet is a makeup palette subscription box. Every other month, you're sent a versatile palette from their in-house brand in collaboration with a YouTube beauty vlogger. The palettes are accompanied by up to two additional makeup products. Use the included items to create multiple looks! You also get access to educational tutorials using all of the products for the month.

Have you heard about Deck of Scarlet? The eyeshadow palette addict in me says yes! We will analyze, can a bi-monthly palette subscription service give you the quality you expect and love from your favorite brands? Read our review below on the Beauty Subscription Service for Palette Addicts!

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How the Subscription Service Works

Palette subscription service costs you $29.95 every other month and you have the option of skipping or canceling anytime — so if the palette they are going to send out that month doesn't jive with you, you can easily skip that palette and see if the next palette (in 2 months) will speak to you more. Once they reveal what palette they will be sending out, they email all their subscribers and give them 5 days to preview the palette and decide if they want to skip or not.

For $29.95 you get one face palette and one or two extra products inside the box. Typically the palette contains three eyeshadows, two cheek products, and two lip products. The extra item can either be a gel liner, liquid liner, or a lip liner or pencil product.

What Else does Deck of Scarlet Offer?

Deck of Scarlet Subscription Palette

They also offer to customers the option of purchasing past palettes. They call them "Decks" and they have them all available on the website so that if you want to collect or own them all…no matter when you sign up you can purchase them. We think that's a really cool option! However…they each retail for $44.95.

Another service they have available is that they're now selling single eyeshadows ($12), a magnetic palette ($16), liquid liner ($15), eyeliners ($13), and lip liners ($13). We have not tried these single eyeshadows (and haven't heard any reviews) but we am excited to see Deck of Scarlet expanding.


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The Packaging

We really, really appreciate that the palette is split on the top so that you can keep the lip products closed and protected while you are using the powder products. That's definitely something unique about these palettes, the art work on the palette is stunning! The palette itself feels very sturdy and heavy duty — very luxe. We definitely don't think they cheaped out on the package!

Overall, Would We Recommend?

Deck of Scarlet Liquid Matte Lip Products

Yes and No. We think if you don't mind having lip products in a pan/palette, then this might totally be something worth checking out! The eyeshadow palette addict in me kinda cries over the wasted space (go away, lip products! There could be more eyeshadows there!), but I can't deny that the lip products are very nice. Now the lip liner and lipstick duo was a total bust for me, but looking at past Deck of Scarlet editions, they change that up: they've send liquid liners, gel liners, etc in previous editions. And I appreciate that! Having 4 lip products was totally overkill in this 4th edition, in our opinion.

Are they Worth Purchasing Separate?

Deck of Scarlet Palette Edition #18

Deck of Scarlet does offer them for sale on their site for a one-time purchase of $44.95 and at that price… We think it's way too high. While the eyeshadows and cheek products are nice…they're not that high end! The quality seems more drugstore/Target type of brand (if that makes sense). The $30 subscription fee is more on-par with what we would think this palette should retail for, to be completely honest. Maybe even a bit less.

The Bottom Line

We really like the concept of Deck of Scarlet. You get a palette, extra products, and access to tutorials from the beauty gurus that helped to create the palette in one nicely designed package for only $24.95 (including free US shipping). This palette had lots of warm shades, which would look beautiful on warm skin tones. I tend to use cooler tones but still enjoyed playing with these colors.

About Deck of Scarlet

Deck of Scarlet Box

The Cost: $29.95 ($80 value)

The Products: You'll receive one palette that contains two looks inspired by a top YouTuber. One daytime and one nighttime look. Products are 100% cruelty-free, paraben free, and made in the USA.

Ships to: U.S. for free, Canada and U.K. for $7

Deck of Scarlet Raven Elyse Review

This palette was designed by Texas beauty, Raven Elyse, and is "packed with charred metallics and velvety pigments."

The packaging of this box feels high-quality and luxe. The black and white design with pops of color works well for not only this box but for all of Deck of Scarlet's boxes. So, after collecting a couple of palette editions, you'll have a cohesive set that looks super nice on your vanity.

Deck of Scarlet Raven Elyse

If you could capture a desert sunset in a makeup palette, this would be it. All ingredients are listed on the back as well. This palette feels well-made and sturdy while being lightweight and slim. Looks like a perfect palette to travel with to me. We like the nice-sized mirror in case you doing makeup on the move. The Deck of Scarlet website offers so many tips and tricks that are specific to each palette. Including these possible looks:

Here are the two lip shades. Shambles is a nude matte and Rant is a rich burnt-rose matte. These are similar to a traditional creamy lipstick but with a slightly thinner texture. They apply smoothly and opaquely without cracking or flaking off and have an almost-matte finish. They don't last for a very long time but are easy to touch up with just the swipe of a finger.

Deck of Scarlet Lip Shades

This side has both the eyeshadows (smaller pans) and highlighter and blush (bigger pans). Vibes is a great base shade and can be used to brighten up under the brow bone. Ziya (copper-rose shimmer) can be used day or night to bring a rich pop of color to the look. Bomb is a slightly metallic brown and is perfect for adding depth or smoking out the lower lash line.

The blush, Bae, is a bright terracotta red that only needs a light touch to make an impact and Lit-erally is a glittery gold that is sure to catch the light. I tried to use Lit-erally as an eyeshadow, but the glitter fluffed everywhere. It's a bit too much for me even as a highlighter since I don't like glitter anywhere but on my lids.

The extra product for this edition is a black felt-tip liquid liner. The black is rich and applies smoothly with precision thanks to the thin tapered tip. I don't notice any bleeding or smudging once it dries and it doesn't pick itself up when layering.