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Dapper Dog Box Review + Exclusive Discount

dapper dog

The Dapper Dog Box is a monthly box for your best friend in the world – your dog! They source organic and natural items from passionate small companies that love dogs, hand-picking each item for your dog based on a personalized survey.

The survey lets you customize your box for gender, five different dog sizes, and also any allergies. The regular sized box has 4-6 items with an average $50 value.

The interior of the box cover says "all you need is love and a dog" and I couldn't agree more.

Every box comes with a cute information card.


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This card provides all the information you need to know about the box.

Bandana. This month, we received a double-sided bandana and it's so colorful!

One side of the bandana features ice cream prints all over!

The other side features a beach-themed design, showcasing a yellow base color with beach balls and sandcastles!

Here's a closer look! The print is vibrant and the combination of colors is just eye-catching!

As always, the fabric used for this bandana is soft and lightweight. Also, the unique form of the bandana makes it easy for me to tie it on my dog's neck!

Petlou Watermelon Dog Toy. This month's box includes a pair of toys. The first plush toy resembles a thick slice of watermelon!

Petlou Watermelon Dog Toy

It's a well-designed toy with a light green outer skin and a red center, as well as black patches that resemble seeds.

Petlou Cactus Dog Toy. The second toy in the box is a cactus-themed plushy!

Petlou Cactus Dog Toy

It's made with puncture-proof squeaker, crinkle paper, and soft stuffings while covered with 2-layers of soft yet durable fabric. The cactus also has super soft "spines" stitched around the toy! The toy's squeaks kept Dean attached to this toy for quite a long time.


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Bocce's Banana Split Dog Treats ($8.99) Now, we're on to the treats! The first bag features dog snacks made with all-natural, wheat-free ingredients including oat flour, banana, carob, and vanilla!

Bocce's Banana Split Dog Treats

According to the back of the pack, these treats don't contain artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Here are the B-shaped, crunchy, bite-sized treats! Bananas are great for dogs, as they are high in potassium, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. Another ingredient that makes the snack tasty is carob, which gives it a chocolate-like taste!

Exclusively Dog Smoochers Banana Strawberry Flavor Dog Treats ($6.99) Yogurt, banana, and strawberry were blended to make these flavorful treats!

Exclusively Dog Smoochers Banana Strawberry Flavor Dog Treats

These treats don't contain wheat, corn, gluten, soy, or even grain.

Inside the bag are button-shaped, chewy treats. They have a soft texture and a strong fruity scent. These treats are not just nutritious and tasty, they also help your pup's digestion process.

Our pups didn't miss out on the summer fun, thanks to Dapper Dog Box's curation of summer-themed toys and treats! As expected, we received a pair of fun and high-quality toys for Dean to play with. There are also two bags of healthy dog treats that he happily munched on during snack time. Another thing we look forward to this subscription is the bandana, and this month, it features colorful, summer-themed prints! It's a fun box overall!

About Dapper Dog Box

The Dapper Dog Standard Subscription Box

Dapper Dog Box is the subscription box for anyone whose pup is always the best dressed on the block. This monthly subscription includes a trendy bandana with every installment, as well as two treats and two toys for your pooch.

Each box is curated around a monthly theme (think summer vacation or holidays) and costs about $35 per month. Your box is customized based on your dog's weight and size, so you can be sure that the bandana fits your pooch.