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Cratejoy is a comprehensive subscription box software that helps e-commerce business owners to start, grow, and scale their subscription e-commerce stores. This is a reliable solution that provides all the tools, support, and knowledge required to create and advance a subscription box website. The platform handles all the technical aspects, allowing business owners to focus on other parts of their subscription box businesses. It makes it easy to build and customize their website, run subscription business, and manage their customers from a central place.

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Its tools serve all types of users, whether you are a multimillion dollar business or just starting, Cratejoy is there with you at every step. With features such as subscription box CRM, all-in-one dashboard, subscription site designer, powerful analytics tools, shipping, built-in subscription payment methods, referral campaigns, and e-commerce features, Cratejoy is indeed one of a kind software.

Cratejoy is an amazing subscription box marketplace that helps you search and find interesting things in life, and have them delivered directly to you.

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How Does Cratejoy Work for Customers?

Here's a general overview of how Cratejoy works from the perspective of customers.

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Choosing an Item

If you're interested in signing up for a subscription box, the process couldn't be easier at Cratejoy. First and foremost, customers select a category that they are interested in.

This will help narrow down the search if they don't have something specific in mind. If they do, the customer can use the search box. Categories include everything from food and beverage, gaming, books, self-care, and novelty gifts.

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As the customer is browsing the many boxes at the platform, they'll get to see the price of the subscription per month, the average rating, and how many people have left feedback.

Once they see a subscription box that they like the look of, the customer clicks on it to bring up more information.

They'll then get to see a range of metrics to help them decide whether they should sign up for the subscription box. This includes a full description of what they actually get each month, and the different pricing models (there are upgrades which cost more).

Most importantly, they'll get to read customer reviews. This ensures that sellers up-the-ante in the quality department, as a single bad review could be detrimental for their business.


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Once the customer is ready to start a new subscription box service, they'll need to quickly open an account. They simply need to provide some personal information so that the seller knows where to send the item. They'll then need to pay for the first month's subscription. After that, they will receive a new box every month until they decide to cancel the subscription.

About cratejoy


Cratejoy is an online subscription billing solution that provides clients with features such as a website builder to create a subscription store, flexible product options, customer accounts, and inventory management.

In addition to the traditional subscription billing and eCommerce features, Cratejoy also provides search engine optimization, email and social media marketing, and robust diverse analytics reporting.