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CandyClub Review + Exclusive Discount

CandyClub Overview

Candy Club Subscription Box

Candy Club sends you a customized box of candy each month based upon two of your preferences. If you’re really into it, you can have them send you multiple boxes of candy. The point is that you have absolutely never heard of or tried a lot of these beautiful works of sugary artistic goodness because a lot of them are signature designs concocted to reflect mood and seasons.

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Gift at CandyClub

Now you can have six different versions of new and improved sour gummy candies each month delivered right to your door step.

If you’re not into sour gummies, there are the sweet ones. Occasionally, Candy Club will include something chocolate.

Something with sprinkles. Something with chocolate sprinkles.


Subscriptions for $59.99/mo.
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CandyClub Box

Something that comes in nostalgic individual wrappers.

If you’ve got a general love for candy with a lean toward gummy candy in every color of the rainbow and every shape known to man, let Candy Club reviews guide you if Candy Club and you were born to be together.

About CandyClub

CandyClub is a monthly plan to receive candy selections from the top candy aficionados. Choose your plan – based on preference of sour, sweet or a custom order – and you’ll be on your way to receiving sweet treats delivered right to your door.

Save on Cndy Club Box

How to Save at CandyClub

1. Prepay and save more at CandyClub. You can either pay monthly, or choose the 6 or 12 months options to save even more on your plan.

2. There is a flat shipping rate of $6.99 for each delivery, but keep an eye out for free shipping deals on your first delivery.

3. Sign up for CandyClubs email list to score exclusive discounts.

4. You can either choose which candies you’d like delivered each month, or have the experts choose for you with an option to have sweet, sour, or a combination of candies curated for you.