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BoxDog Review + Exclusive Discount

BoxDog Review

BoxDog is a new customizable seasonal subscription box for dogs.

Each box will consist of 6-8 items, most of which are designed by BoxDog or sourced from exclusive partnerships. Products can include handmade bakery treats, natural/vegan-friendly skincare items and premium items like toys, gear, and gadgets. Subscribers are given the opportunity to customize their box by selecting two premium items from a changing collection every season.

Each box contains over $125 in value.


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What Sets BoxDog Apart?

Unlike most other dog subscription boxes, where you get a box every month for your dog, BoxDog offers you 4 seasonally themed giant boxes every year. And when I say giant, I mean really giant – the box is huge!!

You can also customize this box pretty nicely in terms of toys, accessories etc. – you can pick any two items for the standard box, and any three items for an upgrade.

Another interesting twist is the vegan skincare item included in every box

BoxDog Pricing

BoxDog Subscription Plans

There are two subscription options:

  • $39.99 + Free U.S. shipping for two premium items of your choice
  • $49.99 + Free U.S. shipping for three premium items of your choice

Unlike most other subscription boxes, BoxDog has no long-term contracts and you can cancel anytime and even skip a box.

BoxDog’s regular and grain-free boxes are seasonal, so you will receive them every 3 months.

However, BoxDog also does offer their monthly box.

What You Pay

A standard BoxDog, with 2 items you choose, is priced at $39.99. You can also choose to include a third item of your liking, and that takes the price up to $49.99.

BoxDog Gourmet Donuts

In comparison with many other dog subscription boxes, we thought this box was actually priced very fairly, especially considering that some of the items you can pick are quite premium, and that the treats that are included are handmade. Also, remember that you are getting this box only 4 times a year, rather than every month. So ultimately, you’re going to end up coming out ahead of many other dog boxes, especially if you parse out what you give your pooch over a few months.

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Member Benefits?

They offer members extremely discounted rates on treats and toys so that you can stock-up for the season when you get your box. Their prices are cheaper than Amazon or the pet store - up to 70% off retail prices. Simply add any items you want to your box from within your BoxDog account - no shipping charges!

The Bottom Line

Overall, we really like the BoxDog. You get a large assortment of various handmade treats, gadgets, toys, and skincare items, at a relatively reasonable price, we like that you can customize a few items in your box.

BoxDog Pros & Cons

BoxDog Pros


  • All of their treats are handmade by their own chefs.
  • There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime.
  • They do not charge any more for tough chewers.
  • They offer more than just toys/treats such as skincare items, leashes, and clothing.
  • They ship your first box immediately.
  • Before each box is sent, you can customize the items included.
  • In addition to the quarterly box, they offer grain-free and monthly boxes.
  • They offer discounts and extras from time to time.
BoxDog Fall Box


  • BoxDog does not offer a large selection of toys, clothing, and gear to choose.
  • These boxes are more on the expensive side.
  • The only allergy-friendly option is the grain-free box.