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BitsBox store box

Before we really dive into this BitsBox review, it's critical to establish the intended audience. After all, no matter how great a program is, none of it matters if it isn't applicable to your and your student's demographic!

The simplest answer to the age range for BitsBox is that it is designed for kids 6-12 years in age. The specific age of the child will, of course, impact how they engage with BitsBox and what exactly they get out of it. If they are 6 or 7, for example, they may elect shorter projects with simpler customizations than a 12-year-old would.

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Basic BitsBox Review

BitsBox store box

If you're ready to go a step up and receive physical boxes instead, you can go for the Basic BitsBox. Every month, you will receive a set of app creation projects right at your doorstep. These will also be themed and will have the same general content as the digital box listed above!

This is a great tool for kids who are more hands-on and like to express their creativity with physical projects. Plus, it can be neat to organize things in this way!

The box comes with everything listed above in the Digital Box in a physical form as well as:

BitsBox safari origami

BitsBox Binder: This is the perfect organizational tool for the month's projects. It is a custom-designed "Apper Keeper" that helps students keep all of their materials together in one place. It can hold six months worth of projects!

Stickers and Chart: This is a fun and colorful way for kids to keep track of their progress. As they complete the projects in the box, they can use these fun stickers and the sticker chart to track their progress and feel rewarded for their accomplishments.

Deluxe BitsBox Review

Bitsbox js programming

Finally, if you're ready for the ultimate BitsBox experience, you should look into the Deluxe BitsBox. This comes with everything in the basic box as well some fun add-ons to make the experience that much more exciting for the students!

One of the hardest parts about any subject, whether it be coding or more traditional areas like math and science, is making sure you keep them interested. This is especially true once the mystery has worn off and you've been at the subject for a few months now. This is why the extra fun in the deluxe box is so worthwhile - it can help to keep young coders engaged (especially when they are particularly motivated by presents and prizes).

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The box includes everything supplied by the basic box as well as:

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Trading Cards: This is a random set of 5 simple apps to build. These are also great when multiple students are involved because they can trade with each other and keep each other excited about the subject.

Temporary Tattoos: What kids don't like temporary tattoos? This is a fun and creative way to show the world that they are smart, capable coders. All tattoos are non-toxic and made with vegetable-based inks!

A Mystery Toy: This is another great way to keep kids motivated, especially when the toy can serve as a reward for completion of the projects. Each toy relates to the monthly BitsBox theme, too, so kids can stay excited from start to finish!

About Bitsbox

If you've been looking for resources to help your child or student learn how to code, you've probably stumbled across a variety of options.

There's also a fair chance that you've heard about BitsBox at some point in your journey!

20 outdoorsy apps to code Bitsbox

That said, all programs and websites are different.

You're probably wondering what makes BitsBox a good choice amongst the range of other options available for students of all ages and backgrounds.

What is the structure? What areas of computer science are covered? What is the intended audience?

How does BotsBox compare to other resources that teach coding for kids?

box Bitsbox january

To help, we've compiled all of the basics in one ultimate BitsBox Review for your benefit!

We hope that this gives you a solid foundation about this resource so that you won't have to keep searching for information in various places - after all, that time can be better spent helping your child or student with their supplemental education!