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BBQ Box Review + Exclusive Discount

The BBQ Box is another subscription box that is filled with great grilling products. This box comes with 4 to 5 products, but from a standard set of categories each month.

What it costs:

  • Month to Month - $26.99
  • Prepay for 3 Months - $25.96/Mo or $77.88
  • Prepay for 6 Months - $24.98/Mo or $149.88
  • Prepay for 12 Months - $22.99/Mo or $275.88

How it works:

Barbeque Premium Box

New members will receive a welcome box for their first month's subscription. This box will show you the typical kinds of products you can expect to see in the monthly subscription. The welcome box is actually a box from a previous month, so it's a good representation of the products.

Free Shipping

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Meat at BBQ Box

After the welcome box, you can expect your monthly box to be shipped sometime between the 25th and 30th of each month.

Billing for the boxes occurs on the 5th of each month, or the 5th of the month following the end of your current subscription. If you find that you want to upgrade from the subscription you're currently under, you'll be charged on the 5th of the month for the complete cost of the new subscription.

If you cancel your subscription, you'll receive any boxes you've already paid for, but no future renewals will be made.

The BBQ box has four to five products each month, that fall into these five categories:

Meat BBQ Box
  • Barbeque sauce or marinade
  • Barbeque rub or spice
  • A tasty snack or barbeque accessory
  • Sample of premium wood chips
  • 3 custom recipes and information about the products in the box.
  • When you subscribe to this box, you also gain access to a community of grilling enthusiasts that you can connect with for helpful advice, recipes and other grilling information.

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BBQ is something everyone enjoys and even if you do not enjoy eating it, you will certainly enjoy cooking it with these modern BBQ Boxes. They come with a number of features which makes cooking fun. This is why a lot of people in Europe have their own BBQ Box. One of the main advantages of having a BBQ Box is that you do not have to depend on others to cook BBQ for you, on a day of your choice you can enjoy BBQ.

About BBQ Box


For all those people who are in love with grilling and smoking this is the place for you.

BBQ box comes with a number of subscription levels which makes sure that you get uninterrupted services with the best-intended quality.

There is also a BBQ Box community where you can ask different questions and people there will help you in order to resolve your issue.

Barbeque BBQ Box

Meat grilled in these BBQ Boxes is roasted enough to enjoy the delicious meat.

The rub provided by this company is incredible and most of the recipes are on point which makes the taste of the BBQ meat delicious.

Most people have positive reviews about the rub and the whole BBQ Box and if you are a bbq lover you should have one at your home.

BBQ Meat