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Bagamour Review + Exclusive Discount

Bagamour Box is a quarterly subscription containing two stylish handbags plus an assortment of accessories. Best part? You get to choose from three different styles for the "spotlight" bag! Bagamour is $54.75 a quarter, or save a bit with an annual subscription.

Bagamour Box

The first thing you will need to do is decide which style you prefer. I loved each of the styles shown here, it was hard to choose, but I went with Classic Woman.

The box itself is sturdy and can be reused to hold stuff. It's a keeper!

My items were tucked into this branded paper and sealed with a sticker.

My purses (yes, there were TWO!) were in reusable storage bags, ideal for keeping them from getting scratched or dusty in my closet.

This is my very first box from Bagamour, and I discovered that all three versions come with the same accessories.

The next few pages show which bags were sent for each style. All three options came with the golden pebble bag.

Bagamour is on several social media sites.

I wasn't expecting two bags, but every subscriber will receive the tote this season, while the spotlight bag will differ based on selected style.

Bagamour Tortoiseshell Glasses

Tortoiseshell Glasses with Carrying Case I'm always happy when glasses come with a holder!

The carrying case has soft flocked material on the inside and the outside is a metallic pewter shade that is a combo of both gold and silver.

Oversized Tortoiseshell Sunglasses (find similar item here for $8.56) As soon as I saw these I knew they wouldn't work for me but I also knew they would be perfect for my daughter, who loves what I call Jackie O sunglasses. I'm a Wayfarer gal myself.


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They also have UV protection.

ThoughtFulls Pop-Open Cards – Hope ($9.50) These little note cards come in all different varieties but how timely is it that Bagamour sent the version called "Hope"?

There are 30 mini cards inside.

The back has space for you to pen a personal note to the recipient.

Portable Collapsible Drinking Straws (find similar item here, 2 for $5.88) Portable straws pop up in subscription boxes pretty frequently, although usually it's in an environmentally friendly box. Bagamour is thinking ahead!

There was no brand given on the box but it does mention that the straw and case are made of stainless steel. It also mentions a silicone tip, although there wasn't one in the box and it isn't in the illustration on the box either. The one I linked to has the tip, and it's supposed to help protect teeth.

Bagamour gold-tone case

The carrying case is gold-tone in color.

You open it up to find the straw and brush in their compact size.

They both expand to full sized, about 9" long.

Mixologie Mini Rollerball Perfume in Free (Ocean Mist) ($9 for similar) It's possible that this product may come in several scents, since the description given in the mini magazine belongs to "Tempted" Coconut Kiss, while I received "Free" Ocean Mist.

The brand has several scents on their website, and you can mix and match to come up with your own combo.

It's a mini roll on and can be carried in your new bag! This scent has notes of peony blossom, sea moss, and white musk. It smells like a typical beachy scent, but not the suntan lotion kind, it's the salty air type. The scent is supposed to be light but I think it's kind of strong and lasted way longer than I thought it would.

Bagamour Pebbled Tote

Pebbled Tote All three subscription style choices came with this golden tote with pebble finish. Note the stylish tassel on the handle. I found a similar tote in about 90 different colors here.

The inside is lined with soft material. The outside should be easy to clean with a wet wipe or damp cloth.

There is also a slit pocket on the inside. I think this tote can hold a good amount of items and I think it's a cute bag. I may have to order a couple more in different colors!

Ivory Handbag with Straps I thought the bag I received was perfect for the Classic Woman category but I am at a loss as to what to call this style. Satchel? Shoulder bag? It looks similar to a Birkin type of bag but without a lock.

Bagamour case for glasses

Just like the tote, the material has a pebbled texture and is most likely also made of poly material.

Both sides have a zipper and when unzipped it opens up more fully so that you can find stuff that you might have lost in the bottom of this roomy bag.

The inside is lined with polyester fabric and there is an inside zippered pocket. The opposite side has two open pockets. The top of the bag zips closed to keep items secure. Both bags say "Bagamour" on the inside.

There is a handle on each side and a removable carrying strap. The metal hardware is gold tone. The bag sits 11" tall and 5" across the bottom. The bottom has four gold tone "feet".

You can carry it using the strap or the handles.


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I was excited to get my very first shipment from Bagamour! I thought the bags really went well with the style I chose when I signed up and they seem well made. The accessories were fun too, and my daughter is rocking her new sunglasses. I went down a rabbit hole while writing this post and now I'm about to start collecting handbags, there are so many cute and inexpensive styles out there! Both bags were made of polyurethane "leather" and had no plastic scent. I think this is a neat subscription box for those who love new purses and accessories, and I wouldn't have discovered them without Bagamour!

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