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Allure Beauty Box Review + Exclusive Discount

Allure Beauty Box includes 6 different products, another solid mix of full-size products and deluxe samples. Different subscribers will get slightly different products, but everyone gets the full-size products. This month is a really good value, with one of the full-size products retailing at $65 alone!

Allure Beauty Box Full size products

I haven't actually tried any of these yet for the same reasons as before. I haven't tried the skincare yet because I finally finished patch-testing my favorite products from the January and February Allure Beauty Boxes. They're now in a nice rotation in my skincare routine. I'm also currently patch-testing DERMA E products, so I'm not ready to start patch-testing more skincare products.

AHC Essential Real Eye Cream for Face

This eye cream/face cream comes from the Korean skincare brand, Aesthetic Hydration Cosmetics (AHC). South Korea is known for its innovative and effective skincare products, so I'm excited to try this! Apparently AHC is relatively new in the United States.


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The standard retail price of the AHC Essential Real Eye Cream for Face is $28.99, but it's currently marked down on Amazon for less than $20.

Skin Inc. My Daily Dose of Glow

Allure Beauty Skin Inc

This product is SO PRETTY. I'm very excited to try this serum. Supposedly it helps brighten and hydrate skin.

All of Allure Beauty Box signature serums boast our proprietary encapsulation technology from Japan. These caviar-inspired capsules protect pure ingredients from exposure to light and oxidation, keeping them fresh and potent till the very moment they kiss your skin for maximum results.

The retail price is $12.99, but it's available for slightly less on Amazon. The Amazon listing has over 1600 reviews with an average 4.5 star rating… HOWEVER many reviews mention a change in formula, so the positive reviews could be from the previous formula.


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Curology The Moisturizer

To be honest, I know very little about the brand Curology. However, I've heard great things! It's a brand that helps customers get customized skincare formulas to target their specific needs. The moisturizer is not a custom blend–it's just the standard Curology moisturizer.

Allure Beauty Box Curology Moisturizer

Overall, reviews for Curology the brand are overwhelmingly positive. However, I couldn't find reviews specifically for the generic moisturizer. Also, you can't buy the moisturizer on its own. You have to subscribe to Curology, and then you receive the moisturizer as part of the skincare set.

About Allure Beauty Box

Allure Beauty Box Derma E

If you pay for a monthly Allure Beauty Box subscription, then you pay $15/month.

I bought the annual subscription, so my cost is $13.75/month. Allure claims that each beauty box is worth at least $70.

Before adding in the value of the highlighter, the other products are valued at approximately $64.37.

Assuming the deluxe sample of the highlighter is worth at least $6, then the February 2020 Allure Beauty Box just comes in at a $70 value.

Allure Beauty Box Deluxe Sample